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Prime Rate and Savings Deposit Rate

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Refresh date time : 25/07/2024 06:36

Unit : percentage per annum
HKD Prime Rate 6.1250%
USD Prime Rate 8.5000%

Savings Deposit Rate - HKD
Currency Savings
HKD500,000.00 or above 0.8750
HKD50,000.00 to HKD499,999.99 0.8750
HKD10,000.00 to HKD49,999.99 0.8750
HKD5,000.00 to HKD9,999.99 0.8750
HKD4,999.99 or below 0.0000
1. Please call 2287 6767 for other tenors of Deposit Interest Rates not stated here.
2. The above Deposit Interest Rates are for reference only and are subject to market fluctuations and the final rates at the time of transaction.
3. CITICfirst customers will enjoy the highest interest rate applicable to HKD savings account regardless of the account balance.
4. The savings rate of "Value Savings Account" is calculated based on the 1-month HKD Time Deposit Rate.
5. The above deposit interest rates are only applicable to personal customers.