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Foreign Exchange Rate (v.s.HKD)

Refresh date time : 21/07/2024 14:20
Currency Bank Buy Bank Sell
CNY 1.063301.08080
USD 7.793757.82675
EUR 8.440408.55330
GBP 10.0352010.14820
JPY 0.049260.04992
CAD 5.653105.72080
AUD 5.183805.25550
NZD 4.653504.73380
CHF 8.729608.83780
SGD 5.774805.83620
NOK 0.707100.72300
1. The above exchange rates are quoted in one foreign currency unit.
2. Exchange Rates v.s. HKD are quoted in T/T rate and for reference only. The rates are subject to market fluctuation and the rate used will be the prevailing rate applicable at the time of the transaction.